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Our Runner Engagement Platform

Marketing is the single most important reason why race directors of all sizes are moving to Emotive. Enmotive has a built in runner engagement platform called the Hub-The source for everything moving. The goal of the Hub is to increase and enhance brand engagement-for runners, race directors, and commercial partners. This tool keeps all of our stakeholders engaged year-round.

How does it work?

The Hub and Emotive work together to build profiles for every user that comes onto the Hub to utilize the industry professional and authoritative, high-quality content or by registering through Emotive to understand who that individual is. By using integrated data that is always evolving, the Hub is able to connect with users in the most efficient and effective way possible.

Client Engagement

Use live results, social and SMS channels to reach like audiences during and after the event.


Promote your event to our 10 million users a year.


Learn from industry leaders about how to chase your PR


Engage participants in meaningful content that they want to view

Race Photography

Socially integrated via Facebook to allow sharing