Runners participating in the Allstate Hotchocolate 15k/5k event



Create lasting memories that participants can receive as soon as they cross the finish line. Our industry leading EnPhoto technology gives you one less thing to worry about by automatically organizing photos of each runner in real-time and making them readily available on your personally branded race website.

Plus, EnPhoto gives you invaluable race stats to see total action on photos, estimated number of people reached, and media value. The perfect tool to attract potential sponsors and show the ROI for your event.

FAST PHOTOS = More Engagement, More Sharing & More Value

Race Photography - instant photos metrics drive huge results
Image of runners preparing to start the race and their watches at a Hotchocolate 15k/5k event

Unparalleled Reach

EnMotive delievered over 9 Million impressions and $60,000 in media value at the 2019 Detroit Free PRess/TCF Bank Marathon.

How It Works

EnMotive’s all-in-one race management platform (The HUB) gives each participant a link to view results and a collage of all their photos.

  • Photos are automatically uploaded and organized by Bib Number
  • Participants receive email or SMS as photos are posted
  • Search by Bib #, Name or upload selfie to find additional photos
  • View, download & share instantly from any advice for free (no login needed)


  • Unmatched Value for Sponsors - Our platform gives sponsors a unique opportunity to reach a mass amount of people by branding each photo or video montage and delivering with leading-class immediacy.
  • Photo Video Montage - Aside from instantly accessible photos, participants can relive the experience with a FREE video montage - They choose up to 5 photos and create a short video delivered in seconds! See an example here.
  • Fast Mobile and Social Sharing - We offer the fastest, most accurate photo delivery system on the market. Deliver your race photos by email or SMS and make it quick and easy for runners to send to friends and family.
  • Grow Your Event - Reach maximum exposure as The HUB connects seamlessly with email and social channels allowing participants to immediately post or share photos and help give your event more visibility.

Case Studies