Runners participating in the Allstate Hotchocolate 15k/5k event



Let your participants take home images that truly capture their experience at your event. All race photos are uploaded directly to a photo platform, integrated with results, and can be emailed directly to a participant's inbox. This allows spectators to follow the progress of a runner in real time and allows for the participants to have the full event experience before arriving home.

FAST PHOTOS = More Engagement, More Sharing & More Value


Our EnPhoto technology is changing the way participants are able to capture their experience of an event. This one stop platform - called the Hub - handles everything from registration, timing, photos, marketing, and results. We offer a customizable product that provides you with the information you need at the tips of your fingers.

Operates independently from bib/chip technology & seamlessly integrates with The HUB & Facebook. We offer the fastest, most accurate system available on the market.

Having photos of the race immediately available to share fits perfectly with participants' natural urge to share the experience on social media.

Our social integration via Facebook allows your participants to quickly share their photos with their social circle, capturing participant memories and event promotion simultaneously.

  • Email and SMS alert to participants when each photo is available
  • Photos and results in one area for easy search
  • High-quality photos that can be viewed, downloaded or printed
  • Mobile and social sharing
  • Sponsorship Branding, Share Text
Race Photography - instant photos metrics drive huge results